Efficient and varied back pain therapy

tergumed 710 offers a holistic back concept for preventive and rehabilitative treatment. Using the feedback training, the quality the patient achieves in the exercises is made clear. This increases motivation and interest in continuing specialist mobility treatment offers. This can turn contented patients into health-conscious customers who use professionally supported mobility offers as self-payers.

The entire biomechanics of the tergumed 710 devices are specially designed to meet the needs of back patients. Positioning, fixation options and adjustments are designed in such a way that the use of the devices is possible and useful in the early phases of post-treatment. The tergumed line is equipped with measuring sensors, a smart assist system and the  proxoforce software. Static and dynamic test procedures can be carried out via the software. The software can be used as feedback during training.

Both the test results and the data of each individual training session are stored in the patient's database. Thus, the proxoforce software enables complete documentation and progress monitoring of the measure during therapy. Treatment progress is made transparent to the patient, doctor and cost bearer as well as the therapist as part of quality assurance.

Efficient, varied and well thought-through

The tergumed 710 hardware can be combined with proxoforce software for measurement and training support. The software module can be used for all five tergumed 710 stations via the easy-to-operate smart assist.

The system also includes a device-independent therapist workstation for test evaluation and training planning.

Using isometric and dynamic tests to determine deficits in the area of maximum strength and develop training programs, the system offers important support to therapists/sports physicians.

tergumed 710 products

tergumed 710 software

On the safe side!
The devices of the tergumed 710 line are tested safety in accordance with the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

tergumed 710 advantages in overview

Your benefits

  • Special series of strength training devices for efficient therapy counteracting back pain
  • Safe training thanks to optimal fixation and isolation of the muscle group to be trained
  • A holistic back concept for preventive and rehabilitative treatment
  • For pain reduction and to stabilise the patient’s spinal column


For your needs

  • Effective group training
  • Easy data entry via the therapist workstation, efficient operation thanks to digital training control
  • Standardisation of test processes
  • Continuous graphical and numerical representation of the test results recorded in comparison with the integrated reference database
  • Individual training plan creation on the basis of the test results
  • Training planning can be progressive or based on subjective experience of effort
  • Single entry of patient data for all five tergumed devices

Special product features

  • Tested safety in accordance with the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
  • Simple, user-friendly adjustment options for rapid, comfortable positioning
  • Continuous electronic seat height adjustment (optional; standard in the Cervical Trainer); additional autolift function available (optional)
  • Very fine individual load adjustment in 1kg gradations
  • Continuous load adjustment in the Cervical Trainer
  • Assessment of muscular deficits and dysbalances

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