An essential component of medical training therapy

Orthopaedic/traumatic injury, operations, pain-relieving posture and age-related lack of exercise can rapidly lead to advanced neuromuscular deficits/loss of strength. For this reason, training to improve or retain muscle strength is an essential part of medical training therapy.

The key focus of rehabilitative and preventive muscle training is not achieving maximum strength but gaining the ability to carry out daily and sporting activities. This means that the initial focus of strength training is strength endurance, followed by hypertrophy training.

How strength training works

The goal is to redevelop the neuromuscular system while protecting damaged structures as much as possible according to the laws and principles of training science. This includes:

  • Optimising innervation
  • Improving/retaining local muscle endurance
  • Minimising muscular atrophy
  • Development/improvement
  • Whole-body training to stabilise the core and extremities
  • Prevention of injuries and falls

With strength training devices by proxomed, the right therapeutic actions and exercises can be carried out. The devices offer the possibility of executing optimal, biomechanical motions, supported by intelligent software controlling various test processes and supporting individual training design.

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