Conditions of delivery of proxomed Medizintechnik GmbH

proxomed Medizintechnik GmbH cooperates internationally with dealers who are responsible for delivery and installation at their customers. Please contact your local dealer! In exceptional cases proxomed Medizintechnik GmbH also delivers directly, then the following delivery conditions apply:

1. The general terms and conditions of proxomed Medizintechnik GmbH apply.

2. Requirements for proper delivery

  • Paved access routes (very important).
  • Sufficient parking spaces, parking permits if applicable.
  • Continuous parking opportunities without time limitation.
  • Free and safe routes into the training and therapy rooms.
  • Complete rooms.
  • The rooms for the equipment to be delivered must be vacant to allow the equipment to be set up in its final position.
  • Completed and approved work by drywall builders, painters & electricians.
  • Functioning and approved lifts, if lifts are available.
  • Sufficient power outlets available, grid connection also available, if applicable.
  • In the event of delivery of pulleys, the walls must be of sufficient quality.
  • Exact information about door and lift dimensions, steps, ledges, angles, etc. The "on-site inspection minutes" must be available filled out by the customer at least 2 weeks prior to delivery.
  • Appointment and presence of a responsible person for signing the delivery notes, documents, approval of unpaid working hours, etc., on the customer's behalf.
  • The floor of the insertion must be suitable for heavy equipment, otherwise proxomed cannot accept any liability for possible damage.

3. Requirements for proper commissioning and IT integration

The equipment can be introduced and integrated into the IT network only if, in addition to the requirements for delivery, it is found to be functional with regard to its technical requirements and facilities:

  • The equipment must be in its final position and must not have been moved since delivery.
  • No construction site operations in the event of new construction or alterations.
  • No craftsmen working on the day of the installation.
  • Power supply approved by TÜV/electricians as well as already performed official acceptance of construction work.
  • In the event of sales with connected LAN components, structured cabling in accordance with EN 50173-1 according to the IT checklist as well as functioning internet access for the equipment.
  • During IT integration work, the customer's network administrator must be reachable or present and all the necessary passwords must be available.

4. Requirements for proper instruction and training

The instruction and training shall take place on a work day. This must be taken into account in appointment scheduling. In order to implement proper and successful instruction and training, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The participating therapists must be exempted from duty by the therapy facility and must be present throughout.
  • The equipment must be in its final position and must not have been moved since delivery.
  • No disruptions through telephone conversations, questions from patients, questions from craftsmen.

5. Consequences in the event of non-fulfilled requirements

Our employees do not have the right to implement deliveries, commissionings, IT integration, instructions or training if the above-mentioned requirements are not fulfilled and they have the authority to stop the work as soon as they establish that the above-mentioned requirements are not fulfilled. In such a case, the customer must bear the additional expenses accruing to proxomed Medizintechnik GmbH due to the non-fulfilment of the requirements, such as travel costs, hourly rates, non-productive time, etc. The customer must also bear the costs for delays to work if it does not inform proxomed Medizintechnik GmbH of the non-fulfilment of the requirements 2 weeks prior to delivery, commissioning, IT integration, instruction or training at the latest.

April 28, 2021