The basis for holistic training

Endurance training is an essential component of medical training therapy and rehabilitation, as the ability to endure is the basis for all daily exercise and therapeutic requirements. Of particular importance here is general basic endurance (aerobic endurance). This is understood as the capacity of an organism 1/6 of whose total muscle mass experiences load over a long period.

In endurance, the type of energy supply is critical: in the case of aerobic endurance, sufficient oxygen is available; in anaerobic conditions, too little oxygen is provided. The type of energy provision is determined by the intensity of exercise. In the rehabilitation of orthopaedic/surgical damage and in preventive care, general aerobic endurance is the key focus.

Test methods

Various methods are available to determine the optimum intensity of training/heart rate.

One test that is rapid and easy to do is the IPN test, carried out on a kardiomed test bike, which determines the optimal training load for all types of ergometers.

Goals of endurance training in therapy


  • Improvement of the circulation/capillaries/oxygen uptake
  • Local and general improvement of metabolic processes
  • Counteraction of immobilisation processes
  • Stimulation of cartilage growth
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Protection against the effects of ailments caused by lack of exercise
  • Prevention of degenerative cardiovascular disorders
  • Increase in general resilience of the entire body
  • Acceleration of regenerative processes
  • Better sense of well-being

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