Essential in rehabilitation

Functional training as part of resistance training using 1-dimensional strength-training devices is essential in particular phases of rehabilitation

While the compass 600 and 540 are more focused on stabilising the joints and are designed for exactitude in the intensity of training, functional training is an essential supplement to therapy.

Using cable machines and other products such as training benches, more value is placed in training on functional aspects. The advantages of cable machines with pulleys is that the therapist is able to concentrate in a targeted fashion on small groups of muscles, achieving tiny motions to recruit muscles, tendons and ligaments. In addition, these systems offer the possibility of carrying out functional exercises with several joints.

For this reason, functional training is an obligatory method in every phase of the rehabilitation process, allowing exercises to be applied both to patients and sports practitioners.

Rosenberg, writing in 1989, already described sarcopenia, a process of muscle and muscle-cell loss principally caused by inactivity. It is not caused by ageing.

  • 12 test subjects (aged 60–72) who trained 3x a week for 3 months with 80% of 1RM increased their strength by 66%.
  • 10 test subjects (aged 87–96) who trained 2x a week for 8 weeks with 80% of 1RM increased their thigh muscle mass by 10% and strength capacity by 50%.

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