Medical training therapy

From therapeutic training to health-promoting sports: A physiotherapy practice with well-thought-out MTT equipment will be able to rebuild patients’ strength, endurance, mobility and coordination according to personal goals, allowing them to recover and get fit quickly after injuries, operations, slipped discs or other orthopaedic limitations.

Whether it's pulleys, benches or couches: all proxomed devices allow individually designed training. We support you in offering your patients all phases of an individually tailored muscular development programme, from early functional treatment to full exertion.

In this, we rely on a harmonious overall concept offering economical solutions to practices of all sizes, that will also stand up to scrutiny by funding agencies thanks to its proven successes and reproducible results.

Suitable for all training phases

Training that gives the right impetus for every phase of muscle buildup: the weights in our MTT exercise machines are so finely gradated that the right load can always be selected.

They are smooth-running with minimal friction, guaranteeing the most pleasant training experience possible. This creates the ideal conditions for therapeutic success.

Our devices can come with a single or triple pulley system. We offer them for all spatial configurations: As a standard model with a moving stand or a wall-mounted model for smaller practices. The wall-mounted versions can come with an optional sliding mount that allows them to be moved 2.5 metres vertically.

Our training benches ensure variation in therapeutic exercises. With numerous adjustment options, you have everything you need to ensure individual positioning. Thus, you can use various weights-based training options, for example for training the lumbar musculature.

compass MTT products

The compass MTT advantages in overview

Your benefits


  • KGG ordinance implemented in specifying the device equipment
  • A basic feature of all therapeutic institutions
  • A highly versatile device, as the direction of pull can be adjusted


Training benches

  • A diverse range of therapeutic exercises for the entire skeletal musculature

For your needs


  • Easy to use and long-lived
  • Rapid adjustment
  • Single or triple pulley system
  • Automatic training of trunk stabilisers
  • Robust, sustainable and Öko-Tex 100 certified outdoor covering material

Training benches

  • The weights-based training can be particularly effective and targeted for maintaining and strengthening the lumbar musculature.
  • Training benches come with padding in a variety of different colours, if desired with special stitching, to match the furnishings of your practice.

Special product features


  • Tested safety in accordance with the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Free-standing or wall-mounted, for all spatial configurations
  • Ball-bearing mounted castors
  • Maintenance-free guide bushings
  • Full range of accessories

Training benches

  • Numerous adjustment options ensure individual positioning

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