The training success in front of your eyes - the goal in sight

In this medical product, the smart assist system, we offer a logical concept for successful training control and monitoring, the result of over 30 years of medical expertise in the public and private healthcare markets. It is thus able to increase the success patients/customers achieve in training by improving the quality of that training.


The smart assist has a high-resolution, 8" colour touchscreen. Its intuitive touch-based operation makes it easier to use for people not used to using computers. The size of the icons used has been scientifically verified and proven to offer valuable support for older people when training.

Patients/customers can log in contactlessly using an RFID/chip card. The reproducible device positioning function is easy to initiate and set using the optional positioning sensors, meaning training starts safely and rapidly.

The special thing about the smart assist system is its versatility of uses. No matter what the PC and planning software, quickstart and power training are with visual feedback and the quality display of the exercise performance possible.

From test to training

Using various test processes, the initial condition of the person doing the training is determined. Strength tests and software-controlled visual feedback training can be carried out on as many devices as desired using smart assist in connection with the patented ultrasound measuring sensors and proxotrain training planning software.

The individual test results are transferred to the proxotrain test and training planning software via the therapist work station (TAP). This allows rapid, uncomplicated, individual and effective training planning for your patient/customer.

On the basis of these results, an individual training plan can be created taking account of personal deficits and the patient’s/customer’s own personal goals.

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