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We have been consistently active on the medical market for 30 years, working for a healthy society. As a full-service provider of training therapy solutions, we cover practically all sectors of health with our products, software solutions and efficient billing concepts. This long-term knowledge management ensures our medical products have TÜV-certified safety and quality standards, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction in the implementation of economically successful medical concept solutions – from follow-up treatment to tertiary prevention.

Medizinische Konzepte

Medical concept solutions

With our knowledge and experience, we first analysis the specific customer needs and offer various different innovative concept solutions in order to achieve the maximum benefit from therapy and rehabilitation from both the patient’s and the institutional point of view.


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3-phase system

Patient management using the 3-phase system plays an essential role for your institution.
At the forefront of this is early explanation of the long-term therapy plan to your patients.





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