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Our vision

...is for a healthy society! for over 30 years, proxomed has helped over 9 million people annually regain their health after an illness, injury or accident.

Our mission

With our products and services, we want to rehabilitate over 11 million people annually and support them in the best possible way to regain their quality of life. For us, every single person counts among the many whom we have been able to support in regaining and retaining their quality of life through physical activity.

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Our values and principles


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  • Our customers and their customers are at the focus of our daily work.
  • We actively live out the principles of mutual respect, trust and appreciation within and without our company. We use our mistakes to develop ourselves further as a team.
  • We regularly train and develop our employees, particularly those in key positions, and link further training measures into a remuneration system.


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  • We strive to achieve innovative, efficient solutions of high benefit for our customers and the users of our products, aiming to secure and extend our own and our customers’ success over the long term.
  • We inspire our customers with our products and services as a reliable and competent partner. Our work is 100% directed towards continually increasing customer satisfaction. We achieve this through the high-quality product and services that we are constantly optimising and developing further.
  • The development of our products should bring our customers a qualitative benefit, optimise their work and support measurable success in rehabilitation. We instruct our customers in the implementation of sensible, economic strategies.


Leitbild Verantwortung
  • Quality at proxomed is something that affects every single employee, starting from the management level.
  • The quality benchmarks of our own “Made in Germany” products, third-party products and services result from customer demands and customer feedback. Our goal here is to optimise our customers’ rehabilitation work. To this end, we carry out regular customer surveys.
  • We constantly query and optimise the processes and systems by which we work. We see quality deficits as an opportunity for improvement through exchange with our customers.


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  • We exemplify a cooperative management leadership style allowing open communication and a culture of constructive criticism, intended to exploit our employees’ existing and future potential.
  • We do not dispense blame, but discover opportunities for improvement and find shared constructive solutions!
  • We select new employees based on whether they share the principles of our company policy, our quality goals and our vision.