Targeted functional training of the deep musculature

The itensic principle of better physical stability rests on a simple idea: While training using standard sports devices relies on stimulating large surface muscles with rotary movements, itensic devices stimulate the muscles using translatory (linear) motions over short distances.

These direct movements target the short, deep muscle fibres that lie close to the rotary centres of the joints. The result is an intense muscular stimulus that ensures stability at the core.

In each case, the subject’s own body weight is used for training. By guiding the training movements in straight lines, it is ensured that only the intended muscle groups are addressed. As other muscle groups do not have to provide a balanced response, the entire muscle work is done by the muscle that needs strengthening.
The guidance of motions almost completely stabilises the lumbar spine, meaning training can be carried out without a risk of injury.

Effect trio

With the three effect devices, targeted training for the deep musculature in the lumbar region is made possible.

The difference is in the seated position relative to the potential, guided movements, and thus the effect on various muscle groups.

The devices can be adjusted from simple to heavy loads in accordance with the training condition of the user.
To increase the training loads, additional weights of up to 50kg can be added.

itensic products

On the safe side!
The devices of the itensic line are tested safety in accordance with the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

itensic advantages in overview

Your benefits

  • Stimulation, training of the deep muscles of the lumbar region
  • Supplement to training the global motions of the trunk musculature
  • Use in the early phase of rehabilitation using partial body weight



For your needs

  • Low risk of injury through controlled guidance of the lumbar spine
  • Individual training effects for pelvis positioning, tilting and sideways motion.
  • Promotion of circulation, mobilisation, strength improvement
  • Techniques for stabilisation and mobilisation from manual therapy
  • Functional training with weight release possible


Special product features

  • Tested safety in accordance with the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
  • Intensity control through adjustment of the seat angle

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