tergumed 600 - Lateral Flexion

Illustration including optional equipment


  • Strength testing and training for trunk lateral flexion
  • Tested safety in accordance with the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
  • smart assist for training control
  • Integrated RFID
  • Visual feedback strength training with individual curves
  • Automatic seat height adjustment
  • Ultrasonic sensors for weight detection
  • 0 to 84 kg training weight with 1 kg step increments
  • Reproducible scaled positioning
  • Laser pointer for optimal positioning
  • Start position adjustment in 10° steps
  • Stepless trunk fixation adjustment
  • Stepless thigh fixation adjustment
  • Weight block cover for protection
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 126/92-115/163 cm
  • Total weight block: 80 kg (16 x 5 kg)
  • Total weight: up to 370 kg
  • User weight: max. 180 kg
  • Energy consumption standby: 0,0042 kWh
  • Energy consumption in operation: 0,018 kWh/0,022 kWh* (*=Fully equipped (position and pulse sensors))
  • Isometric measurement system
  • Position and pulse sensor
  • Analogue interface (data output of the force signal to an external, analogue receiving system, for combination with EMG)
  • Foot plate extension for wider foot position

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