Clinical data management

Software programs to document training and therapy measures and progress within them are a central component today of many test and training systems. They ensure all information is rapidly and correctly recorded and processed. The operator of a system as a rule uses equipment, devices and software programs from various different manufacturers. The same applies for administration software and system platforms. The disadvantage for the operator here is that a patient’s/customer’s core data have to be entered several times for each of the different test and training system programs.

A further difficulty arises in the clinical field, as many system platforms control complicated data exchange processes. The proxOS data management software allows for the easy exchange of personal data between administrative software and test and training systems. Another advantage for the operator of an institution is that they are also able to use the systems provided by various specialised manufacturers through proxOS, without having to do without an integrated overall information processing solution. For evaluations and reports, the data from the different systems can be combined.

The improvement in efficiency and quality of the medical provision goes hand-in-hand with the development of information communication and cooperation within and between health institutions. The communications standards HL7 and THEDEX, specially developed for healthcare, allow communication and cooperation between practically all institutions and fields of healthcare.

  • HL7 stands for Health Level 7 and provides an interface that ensures the exchange of data between health organisations/organisational units and their computer systems according to international standards.
  • THEDEX stands for THErapy Documentation EXchange. THEDEX is a standard for information and data exchange in the therapy and fitness field. Using it, various measurement and training devices, alongside administrative and documentation programs, can share personal data.

Software advantages in overview

Your benefits

  • The databases and the program's own data transfers are encrypted.
  • The databases can only be accessed via internal, password-protected systemic registration.
  • Access to data in a database is only allowed to the special proxomed applications. No third-party software can access proxomed databases directly.

For your needs

  • The start of a program is only possible via the operator's login.
  • An operator may only start programs, perform actions in a program, and use settings and functions to which he has been authorized by his administrator.
  • Logging of each change to data together with the identification of the responsible operator.

Special software features

  • Time-controlled, automatic logout from the workstation.
  • As a result of legal obligations to keep patient data, it can be set for deletion after the treatment is completed, in accordance with the rules.
  • At the patient's request, all his personal, stored data can be handed over to him by pressing a button.