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Simone Eßbach, accountant

A part-time model and a top team


Once my children were big enough, I decided to look for a part-time job in addition to keeping the books at my husband’s medical practice. Even before I had written a first application, an acquaintance of mine recommended proxomed. They were looking for someone to work in the accounts payable department. I was taken on board, with proxomed even happy to delay my start date because I had already booked a holiday.

Thanks to the flexible working hours and opportunity for home office work, proxomed made it possible for me to take on responsibilities and carry out interesting work despite the part-time nature of the job. What I like at proxomed is that we are helping people get well and stay well, alongside the good working conditions with free drinks (my favourite is the cappuccino with a chocolate hit) and the ability to train in the nearby health centre.

Our team is fantastic: we all support each other, and I have very patient and benevolent colleagues. My boss also supports my progress. I find the daily body, soul and spirit exercise sessions amazing.