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Sarah Huth, apprentice

Independent work with responsibility even in the apprentice phase


I didn’t want to do just any old apprenticeship! Something commercial, to do with organisation and numbers, but also with plenty of human contact. I knew this very early on, which was why I took specialist business exams when I left school. To complete them, I had to do a six-month internship. I chose to work in logistics at proxomed. As proxomed regularly trains new employees in commercial occupations, I was able to apply directly for an apprenticeship. The community here at proxomed made my getting on board really easy.

At proxomed, apprenticeship means one thing above all: being part of the work of the company. For me, that meant that I was really quickly able to work independently on customer orders and take on loads of responsibility. And I was very pleased to do so. Of course, these weren’t very complex tasks at first. But the challenges grew from day to day. That’s what makes the apprenticeship exciting. I am excited to see what’s next. I’m not afraid. After all, my colleagues will never leave me in the lurch. I can always ask them questions. Because they have taken exactly the same path that I have.

I don’t yet know what I will do when I finish my apprenticeship. Perhaps I will train as a business administrator. proxomed will support me if I do. But the future is still hazy. Currently, I want one thing above all: to learn more and more and achieve success in my apprenticeship. And proxomed makes this possible.