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Marco Zang, external sales

A top onboarding process and fantastic people


I have always loved sports and know what a positive influence they have on human health. I want to use this knowledge to help people to feel happy and healthy. Before my Master’s degree in business psychology, I worked in managerial roles in the fitness sector and have completed many courses as a fitness, health and dietary trainer. In the sales force at proxomed, I found a job that joined up all my knowledge, abilities and my own mission.

The special thing at proxomed is the people. There is no bitter competition between us; we like to come to work. I am supported by my superiors and long-term employees. My colleagues and I have a fantastic exchange. No matter whether you’re a manager or apprentice: everybody meets at eye-level and you are recognised and respected from day one as a valued employee.

The onboarding process is very positive, with a tailor-made induction plan, the academy, numerous training sessions and mentoring. proxomed has really got this right. And the confidence advance, with 1 year of fixed commission regardless of whether you make any sales or not is also highly motivating. All in all, these conditions really helped me get on board.

I also find the diversity of proxomed really cool; there are so many experts, so much knowledge, so many years of experience in the company, a top network. So many great characters work here, all of them with a strong vision “for a healthy society” and a mouthpiece. The innovative products, high flexibility and speed of action round it all off. This is what the future looks like!