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Christos Baliakas, product management

Scientific knowledge and multidisciplinary personnel


After studying for my MA in sports medicine/performance psychology in Frankfurt, I was looking for a challenge, something where I could make a contribution to the maintenance and improvement of human health. That was why I applied to proxomed for the role of Sales and Service Manager Back Office International. But proxomed went for somebody else on this occasion. This turned out to be a lucky break for me, because proxomed instead offered me a position in product management. Let me say that I owe my present position to this stroke of fate. Here, I am able to apply everything I have learnt in the best possible way, with concrete links between my work and the content of my studies.

And the company is just great. We have a lot of brainpower in the building, with employees from various disciplines and with diverse experience contributing their knowledge; you can always learn more from someone. And everything that we don’t have in-house can be got from outside. The large and innovative product portfolio shows what we are capable of.

The work environment is pleasant; everyone in the company strives to push it forward, communication is at eye level whether with colleagues, superiors or the management, and you have the opportunity as an employee to contribute your own ideas. proxomed has great potential, and I am going to be there to witness its growth.