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tergumed 700
medical back traning

tergumed 700
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The strength-training machines of our tergumed 700 line are designed specifically for the effective treatment of back pain.

Combating back pain systematically
Today, more and more people are suffering from a lack of exercise. The accompanying atrophying of the muscles leads to severe back pain, which in some cases becomes chronic. With our tergumed 700 machines, you can offer your patients integrated, personalized back training with documented therapeutic success.

Evidence-based back training concept
tergumed 700 facilitates evidence-based work. All training positions are reproducible, the sequences can be standardized, and even chronic pain can be reduced.

Training plan with software support
In the tergumed 700 system, training sequences can be perfectly optimized using the tergumend diacontrol software. The machines are equipped with a touchscreen monitor (SmartPanel) and networked with the central therapist workstation. A personalized training plan based on the patient assessment at the start of treatment is created with the help of the tergumed diacontrol software.

Back training with feedback
tergumed 700 offers a comprehensive back training concept for preventive as well as for rehabilitative treatments. The training with feedback shows patients how they are progressing with their recovery. This increases motivation and arouses interest in further ongoing specialist exercise programs. Thus, satisfied patients can become health-conscious clients who make use of professionally supported exercise programs in your practice as self-payors.


Your advantages

  • Contemporary, timeless design
  • Easy entry and exit
  • User-friendly adjustment options
  • Excellent stabilization and positioning
  • Fine weight gradation in small increments
  • Continuous weight adjustment for the cervical trainer
  • Software for data retrieval and training optimization
  • Tested safety in accordance with the German Medical Devices Act (Medizinproduktgesetz)
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Backtherapie / tergumed 700