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For patients with a limited ability to walk, functional gait training is linked to a great deal of effort and often also to discomfort for therapists and patientsAnyone who wants to learn to walk has to walk!

Anyone who finds it difficult to walk on a normal surface generally also cannot walk on a normal treadmill.

Targeted and effective

The kardiomed rehab treadmill system with specially developed aids and accessories enables a more targeted and more effective therapy. Your patients train earlier, longer and more often, and all with less of a burden for the patients and therapists. Your therapy is thus more efficient and more successful.

Medical use

  • in rehabilitation and physiotherapy
  • in neurology
  • for orthopaedic problems
  • in movement analysis
  • for overweight patients
  • for gentle movement therapy
  • for the general protection of patients
  • for all types of coordination training
  • in competitive sports for "overspeed training"


Your advantages

  • Physiological gait training - safe and close to everyday life
  • Early access to therapy thanks to body weight relief
  • Therapeutic freedom thanks to control of the treadmill from a wide variety of positions
  • Comprehensible therapy results thanks to simple documentation

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kardiomed 520 Mill F

kardiomed 520 Mill F