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tergumed 710

the new star in back treatment

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functional medical back test and training with tergumed 710


tergumed 710 – the new star in back treatment
Our biomechanics, development engineers and software developers have been working on the further development of the 5 test and training machines as well as on the software for more than two years. Many innovative details have improved ease of operation, software and quality. The seat inclination adjustment, for example, allows for a larger range of positioning options. The electric seat height adjustment clearly eases daily work. The integration of the new tergutrain software provides simple, intuitive testing, creation of training plans, as well as a clearly arranged presentation of all test and training results. The feedback training with individually specified movements ensures an optimal training result. Thus, our successful back training line offers to you and your patients an even more effective and sustainable therapy success in the future.

Combating back pain systematically
Today, more and more people are suffering from a lack of exercise. The accompanying atrophy of muscles leads to severe back pain which, in some cases, becomes chronic. With our tergumed 710 machines, you can offer your patients integrated, individual back training with proven therapeutic success.

Back therapy for correcting muscular deficits and imbalances
Muscular deficits and imbalances constitute an essential cause of back pain. The five tergumed training machines offer you the possibility to test your patients’ strength situation easily and quickly. Then, the values found will immediately be compared with reference values. This is how the software gives you precise information regarding the weak spots of the trunk and neck musculature of the individual patient/client.

Evidence-based back training concept
tergumed 710 makes evidence-based work possible. All training positions are reproducible, the sequences can be standardised, and even chronic pain can be reduced.

Training plan with software support
In the tergumed 710 system, training sequences can be perfectly optimised using the tergutrain software. The machines are equipped with a touch screen monitor (SmartPanel) and communicate with the central therapist workstation (TAP) via a smart card system. An individual training plan based on the patient assessment at the start of treatment is created using the tergutrain software.

Back training with feedback
tergumed 710 offers a comprehensive back training concept for preventive as well as for rehabilitative treatments. The training with feedback shows patients how they are progressing with their recovery. This increases motivation and arouses interest in further ongoing specialist exercise programs. Thus, satisfied patients can become health-conscious clients who make use of professionally supported exercises programs in your practice as self-payors as well.


Your advantages

  • -The new tergutrain software gives you the possibility of simple, intuitive testing and creation of training plans
  • Clearly arranged presentation of all test and training results
  • Optional seat height adjustment using an electric motor
  • Optional seat inclination adjustment – provides a large range of positioning options
  • Qualitative assessment of every single training unit
  • Automated, standardised, progressive training planning for various targets
  • Easy, smart card-assisted touch screen operation for therapists & patients/clients
  • Labour-saving and patient-friendly machine operation
  • Easy and effective group training possible
  • Possibility of cooperation with FPZ, connection to FPZ reference value database
  • Various test possibilities (isometric, dynamic) that can be used depending on the indication
  • Integrated reference value database for assessing the patient’s degree of deconditioning
  • Balanced training with feedback according to preset curve (isometric and dynamic)
  • Automated, standardised, progressive training planning for different pain groups
  • Documentation of training success through test-retest comparisons
  • LAN networking of the therapist workstation with all tergumed 710 machines
  • Single entry of patient data for all the five tergumed machines
  • Easy, user-friendly adjustment options for quick and comfortable positioning
  • Very fine individual load adaption in increments of 1 kg
  • Premium design and high-quality workmanship

tergumed 710 Extension

  • tergumed 710 Extension

Art.-No. 10350100

Technical data

  • Dimensions (L/W/H) 115/136/164 cm
  • Total weight 370 kg


  • Continuous seat height adjustment via pneumatic springs or electric motor (optional)
  • Laser pointer for the correct positioning of the rotation axis
  • Adjustable seat angle (optional)
  • Continuous height adjustment of the lumbar stabilizer via pneumatic springs
  • Continuous adjustment of footrest via pneumatic springs (seated position)
  • Continuous height adjustment of the knee stabilizer (seated position)
  • Continuous adjustment of the knee stabilizer via pneumatic springs (seated position)
  • Continuous adjustment of the lever bar length
  • Adjustment of the start position in 10° increments
  • Very fine weight gradation in 1 kg increments
  • Rotatable and tiltable SmartPanel with training software
  • Measuring sensor for isometric measurements
  • Measuring sensor for measurement of mobility

Protective panel made of frosted glass


  • Pre-installed network equipment in compliance with the German Medical Devices Act (Medizinproduktgesetz)
  • Proxotrain tergumed module
  • Proxotrain Infopoint
  • Computer trolley