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New compass Products with 250 kg body weight allowance

The competition worldwide is always challenging and proxomed is busy to be ahead.

In the industrial world the population rate being obese is constantly increasing. Especially in European and American countries the ratio is rising: meanwhile 34% of men in the USA have a higher BMI than 30 kg/m², which means in medical terms "adipositas". Next to cardiovascular diseases people with obesity problems have a higher risk to get a metabolic syndrome than people with normal weight indexes. Also the chance to get joint, hip and spine injuries is increased. Meanwhile Asian countries announce an increase of ratios in the population for obesity.

In the last years a higher allowance for our strength machines was an increasing request from the market. Our manufacturing company proxowell has finalized last year the improvement of an additional more durable line of compass stack weight machines, which also has passed the TÜV requirements to indicate on the products the acceptance of the body weight up to 250 kg. This means that this line can be sold with the indication of 250 kg body weight allowance into the medical market in all European countries without any problem. If needed we will send you the appropriate CE-certificates to you.

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